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The following information will be useful for organizations inquiring about grants from the Pott Foundation.


Grant Guidelines & Helpful Hints

  • The Advisory Committee has given grants to the following types of organizations:
    • Child-focused Organizations
    • Scholarships
    • Medical Research
    • Hospitals and Hospices
    • Women's Shelters
    • Food Pantries
  • The fiscal year of the Foundation is January 1 - December 31.
  • The Advisory Committee meets twice a year: Spring and Fall.  Grants are reviewed and made at the annual Spring meeting. 
  • All applications must be received by April 1 for consideration.
  • All grant applications must be signed.
  • The grant application included in this web site must be submitted along with all supporting documentation prior to consideration.
  • All applications must include a copy of the 501(c)(3) Determination
    Letter along with any other correspondence from the IRS regarding your 501(c)(3) status.  Other requirements are listed on the Grant Application.
  • We do NOT fund 509(a)(3) supporting organizations, private foundations, or private operating foundations.
  • Most of the grant recipients are located in Herman Pott's adopted city of St. Louis, Missouri.



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